If anything, be a dream

If anything, be a dream or an old song or a fountain drowning the sounds of silence or a prayer stuck in the throat of an old monk. If anything, be laughter sharp loud ringing something to pierce the veil of grief an extra reason to breathe or you could be a lamp in a … Continue reading If anything, be a dream

Seas Against Us

Truly Milly

Do we have to wait until

The briny seas would fill

Of our plastic and waste?

Leaving the fishes with a nasty taste

When you open their stomach

Brimming with disgusting muck

Do we have to wait

or do we participate

in making the world a better place?

Or accept the consequences we’ll have to face?

When you see on the news

All the lives we would lose

If a tsunami would hit Tokyo

Wiping everything out with one blow

We’ll set a new record for the biggest death toll

because of trash we couldn’t control

What only people care about is business

Their annual turnover and richness

And when the water level reaches

Over my skirt, my shirt, my head; it increases

Well, there’s no one to blame anymore

If we all are no more

Elemental Genre Challenge: briny
Your Daily Word Prompt: participate
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